Montanas on Buderim All Day Menu

Brekky burrito l $16.5

bacon, scrambled eggs, tasty cheese, avocado,

spinach + tomato relish, toasted

Veggie brekky burrito | 16.5

field mushrooms, scrambled egg, halloumi, spinach,

avocado + tomato relish

vegan option: swap egg + halloumi for grilled tomato + bell peppers

Bacon + egg burger | 12.5

bacon + fried egg with tasty cheese,

bbq or tomato sauce

add caramelised onion l 3.5

add a hash brown l 2.5

Eggs on toast | 12

2 eggs (your way), grilled roma tomato + toasted ciabatta

add bacon | 3 per rasher

gf option available | 3

Monty’s big brekky | 24.5

bacon, 2 eggs (your way), chipolata sausages, hashbrown, mushrooms, grilled roma tomato + toasted ciabatta

gf option available | 3

Veggie big brekky | 23.5

2 eggs (your way), hashbrown, mushrooms, halloumi,

avocado, grilled roma tomato + toasted ciabatta

gf option available | 3

vegan option available

Eggs benedict | 18.5

2 poached eggs on a bed of wilted spinach, served on

toasted ciabatta with hollandaise. your choice of :

bacon (2 rashers) | 6

ham | 3

mushrooms | 4

smoked salmon | 6

gf option available | 3

Sweet corn fritters | 19 | gf

two fritters served with smashed avocado, bacon, tomato relish, blistered cherry tomatoes, a dollop of sour cream with a balsamic glaze drizzle

add mushrooms | 4


Smashed avo | 15

smashed avo served with feta and a balsamic galze

on two slices of toasted ciabatta

add a poached egg l 2.5

gf option available | 3

Just toast | 7

a serve of toast with your choice of: jam, vegemite, honey

or peanut butter

Pancakes | 14

three pancakes served with berry compote, ice cream, fresh seasonal berries + canadian maple syrup

Granola bowl | 15

house-made granola with fresh seasonal fruits, greek yoghurt, berry compote + a side of cold milk.


Little Ones


Little brekky | 11

bacon, a fried egg + slice of ciabatta toast with tomato or bbq sauce

gf option available | 3

Fish + chips | 11

Crispy Flathead served with chips + tomato sauce


Nuggets & chips | 10

chicken nuggets with bbq or tomato sauce

Pancakes | 9.5

served with maple syrup, fresh strawberries  + ice cream

Cheese toastie | 6

tasty cheese toastie on either white or wholemeal bread
gf option available | 3

CheeseBurger | 10

house-made beef patty with tasty cheese on a toasted milk

bun and your choice of tomato or bbq sauce.

Savoury mince | 18

house-made savoury mince topped with parmesan cheese

and served with two pieces of toasted ciabatta

add a poached egg l 2.5

gf option available l 3


Roast pumpkin, spinach & feta lasagne |27

house-made roast vegetable lasagne served with a fresh

leafy garden salad and steakhouse chips.

Steak sandwich | 23

rib fillet steak, caramelised onion, tomato, lettuce, tasty

cheese and tomato relish served with a side of chips

gf option available | 3


Loaded brekky omelette | 18

chorizo, spinach, tomato, mushroom, red onion and cheese omelette served with two slices of ciabatta


Karaage chicken burger | 17

Delicious japanese-style karaage crumbed chicken, pickled slaw + wasabi mayo on a toasted milk bun


Monty's beef burger | 17

house-made beef patty, bacon, tasty cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, gherkin, with bbq or tomato sauce served on a milk bun


Salad of the week | 12

see our cabinet for today's salad choice made by our chefs
add chicken | 5
add Smoked salmon | 6

Serve of chips | 8

chips with garlic aioli + tomato sauce


House-made quiche | 7.5

your choice of either a lorraine or roast veg and feta.

both freshly made in house.

add salad | 6

add chips | 6


Fish and chips | 18

crispy flat head & chips served with a side of garden salad,

lemon wedge & garlic aioli sauce.

Ham, cheese + tomato toastie | 9

a delicious old faithful served on white or wholemeal bread

gf option available | 3


Chicken, cheese + avo toastie | 11

marinated chicken breast, tasty cheese + avocado served

on white or wholemeal bread

gf option available | 3


Bacon + egg toastie | 11

bacon, egg, tasty cheese, bbq sauce on white or wholemeal bread

gf option available | 3

Puppy Treats & Add Ons
Puppychino | 5

lactose-free frothed milk topped with carob powder

and a side of two puppy biscuits

Puppy Biscuit | 2
Puppy Biscuit 5 for $5 Pack | 5


Caramelised onion l 3.5

A poached egg l 2.5

A piece of bacon l 3

Fanned Avocado l 5

Hashbrown l 2.5

Fried Mushroom l 4

Smoked Salmon l 6

Halloumi l 5

Fetta l 4

Gluten-Free Bread l 3

Hollandaise l 5

Tomato Relish l 4